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  1. New Products

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    CIXI SHENYUAN TOOL CO., LTD. is founded in 1995, which located in Ningbo city of Zhejiang province, with a conventient access to the highway among Shanghai , Hangzhou and Ningbo with comfortable surrounding evironment. CIXI SHENYUAN TOOL CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer specialized in garden ?tools for enormous technical capability ?with advanced equipment. Our products include HOSE REEL CART, SPRAY GUN, HOSE CONNECTOR and SPRINKLER etc. We are devoted ourselves to develop and produce produ ...

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    • ADD:No140, Tianxing Road, Tianyuan Town, Cixi, Ningbo City, Zhengjing
    • ZIP:315325
    • TEL:+86-574-63457555
    • FAX:+86-574-63452810
    • E-mail:watersun@shenyuantool.com
    • WEB:www.pwedengmagtanong.com